Board of Directors

mmh-lindseyLindsay Marottoli Greenberg – President
As Melissa’s identical twin sister, Lindsay’s mission as founder is to continue Melissa’s legacy and fight for a cure, and in turn to help other families affected by this disease. Lindsay has aided the MMH Foundation in raising over $500,00 for cancer research. Lindsay has traveled the world seeking out the best treatment options: she wants these options to be available to everyone struggling with this disease. Her mission is to continue to seek out cutting edge treatment options, and fund those researchers supporting this research.


mmh-kristenKristen Marottoli Peck – Vice President
As Melissa’s older sister, Kristen, co-founded the organization to promote lung cancer awareness. Kristen’s non-profit fund raising strategies arise from her background in high tech sales, where her management and sales skills propelled her to Director of Sales for two Boston based software companies. Since her relocation back to Connecticut, Kristen dedicates her business acumen to fundraising and promotion for the MMH Foundation.


mmh-nicoleNicole Conti – Secretary
Nicole is determined to live out Melissa’s mission of finding a cure for lung cancer and raising awareness to all. Nicole brings her extensive background in non-profit marketing and fundraising to the foundation.




mmh-mariMari Guest – Treasurer
For the five years Melissa fought lung cancer Mari was right by her side. Mari is now determined to help fund raise in the effort of finding the next best technology among immunotherapy to help others still battling lung cancer. Their friendship of over thirty years guides Mari to continue the fight that Melissa always dreamt of, a cure!


Albert Carocci Counsel