Dr. Scott Gettinger’s Update

2023 has seen FIVE FDA approvals of novel targeted therapy and immunotherapy for patients with both early stage and metastatic lung cancers. At Yale Cancer Center, we continue to develop new drugs and new approaches for all stages of lung cancer, and work with several Yale laboratories to further characterize lung cancer and identify potentially targetable vulnerabilities.  This is where the MMH Foundation funds are directed.  The Melissa Marottoli Hogan Foundation has been integral to these efforts, supporting several studies throughout the Yale Cancer Center. One such effort is evaluating a new class of immunotherapies that target a molecule characterized by Yale scientists called siglec-15. To date, we have treated over 30 patients with this experimental therapy. Ongoing analysis of tumor tissue and blood from these patients promise to further our understanding of cancer and personalize our therapies.  We are very grateful for the generous support from the Melissa Marottoli Hogan Foundation, as we continue our march toward a cure for lung cancer.  

-Dr. Scott Gettinger